DSynch2 – Benefits of Dynamic Motorcycle intake port throttle adjustment

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DSynch2 tester

The regular maintenance of multi-cylinder motorcycles is to properly adjust the carburettors and butterfly valves.Today’s electronic injection motorcycles often have a fine-adjustment names “pilot” screws. This operation allows the motorcycle to run smoothly and have good handling.

The instrumentation used for this setup evolved as follows:

  • Air Ball Instruments
  • Mercury bar chart instruments
  • Vacuum gauge pointers
  • Dynamic instruments with minimum and maximum pressure display
  • Rapid sensing instruments that track the course of pressure waves over time.
Air ball instrument
Mercury chart
Vacuum gauge tester
Modern LED barchart tester
Rapid sensig instrument
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  • The Dsynch2 from the ProMotoTols family is the 5th state-of-the-art adjustment instrument. Generates a printable report with your custom company logo and includes a before and an after section to explain the result of the setup to your customers. The plotted pressure chart and idle speed analysis provide the following diagnostics:
  • Exact setting of idle speed.
    Vacuum waves arriving at the same rate give the exact idle speed of the Otto engine.
  • Closing the suction and exhaust valves.
    If the dynamical suction pipe pressure after adjustment is much higher than that of the adjacent cylinders, the heneger IN valve(s) will not close completely. In this case, check the intake valve clearance.
    If, after adjustment, the minimum pressure on the intake side is higher than that of the adjacent rolls, then this roller will not be able to provide such a vacuum. The pressure increases because the EX valves does not close or the suction pipe does not seals properly.
  • Suction side tightness.
    If the increasing of suction minimum pressure differs from the other cylinders, the suction side of the cylinders should be checked for leaks.
  • Idle mixture quality.
    Rich mixture:
    If the idle speed fluctuates briefly, this indicates the setting of a rich idle mixture. When the butterfly valve is opened and closed suddenly, the idle speed drops below the set stable value and then stabilizes.
    Poor mixture:
    Stable base speed. When the butterfly valve is opened and the idle speed is suddenly closed, it slowly drops to its original set value.

The instrument measures the suction pipe pressure curves to an accuracy of 2KPa.