Professional automotive diagnostic tools

Prop-Tech Laser Evo

Quick motorcycle frame measurement kit

  • Unique computer aided motorcycle frame checker tool
  • Windows software
  • Portable and light weight
  • Easy to use

Prop-Tech DSynch2

Computer Aided Carburetor Synchronizer Kit

  • Unique computer aided motorcycle carburetor and adjustment tool
  • Windows software
  • Small form factor. Portable and light weight
  • Easy to use

CT-01, CT-01+, CT-02

Motorcycle Multi-Condition Tester

  • CT-01: 0-300 A, CT-01+: 0-600 A, CT-02: 0-1200 Ampers
  • CT-01 and CT-01+ for motorcycles
  • CT-02 for cars and vans
  • Battery condition and internal resistance
  • Engine condition: wear and stuck
  • Starter motor condition
  • Alternator condition
  • Charging system condition
  • Regulator / rectifier condition
  • Easy to use simplified oscilloscope
  • Plastic carry case
  • Free Windows software