Prop-Tech Ltd.

Prop-Tech Kft.

Szalézi út 1,
+36 30 267 0336
  • Since 2007 as subsidiary of Propose Engineering LP (2000)
  • Main activity:
    ◦ developing and manufacturing motorcycle electronic accessories
    ◦ developing and manufacturing motorcycle diagnostic tools
  • R&D references:
    ◦ G-Pack line for Nikko Racing, France
    ◦ Biketech diagnostoc tool line for Probike, GB:
      ▪ Synchronizer tool
      ▪ Suzuki EFI tuner
      ▪ Biketech OBD tool
    ◦ GiPro gear indicator for Healtech, Hungary
    ◦ Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda OBD tools for Healtech Hungary
    ◦ Harley Davidson exhaust valve controller for Kern Exhaust, Hungary
  • Racing results:
    ▪ Multiple dragbike speed records with Suzuki Hayabusa
    ▪ 2011 WSBK Brno race, our first score
       • Prop-Tech Honda CBR1000RR superbike
      • Rider: Viktor Kispataki, this was his first appearance on the world stage.
Brno 2011